How to Clean a Steam Iron?

How to Clean a Steam Iron? _ Simple Tips

Steam irons often get their sole plate filthy because the remains of burned clothes stick to it and give bumps on it. Do you want to know how to clean a steam iron? 

Similarly, the outside of steam iron gets dull because of dust. Even though, the dust also entraps in the holes of the steam parts of the iron.

These all dirtiness makes it impossible to iron the clothes effectively. Do you want to know how to clean the soleplate of a steam iron? How can we keep the steam holes clean?

Steam iron is used worldwide for removing wrinkles from clothes, but when the iron’s soleplate gets these bumps, they produce friction and prevent the iron from sliding the iron on the clothes.  

How to Clean the Steam Iron?

There are some solutions that we use to clean the steam iron. But we must know how to clean steam iron? How to use the solution and for which parts we should use which type of solution. There are more than two parts of the steam iron. 

Let discuss the parts of the steam iron and how we can clean each part.

Parts of Steam Iron

Following are the parts of the steam iron that we must clean regularly

  • Soleplate
  • Inner side
  • Outer side
  • Steam holes

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How to Clean the Sole Plate of the Steam Iron?

The most important is the steam iron’s soleplate cleanliness because it must be stains-free, and there should not be anything attached to it. Because if you do not regularly clean the soleplate, it will become more challenging to remove them.

Burned remains that stick to the iron soleplate make it challenging to slide the stem over clothes for smooth ironing them.

There are many ways of cleaning the steam iron’s soleplate, but I have discussed just a few methods to clear your query on how to clean a steam iron.

  1. By Using Newspaper

Take the newspaper and now heat the steam iron. Wear gloves on your hands now, rub the soleplate of the steam iron with the newspaper. It is a very beneficial and easy remedy to clean the soleplate.

  1. Using Baking Soda and Water

Take a small amount of baking soda and mix water in it and prepare a paste-like solution. Now apply it on the steam iron’s soleplate and rub with a brush, or you can use any towel. Rub it until the steam iron soleplate becomes neat and clean.

After cleaning it dip the towel in pure water and wipe it on the iron’s soleplate and let it dry before using again.

  1. Using Nail Polish Remover

This is a simple and instant remedy; anyone can do it because nail polish remover is present in every house. First of all, take cotton and nail polish remover. Now switch the steam iron on and let it heat up. 

Then, dip the cotton balls in the nail polish remover and rub it on the steam iron’s soleplate. Acetone nail polish remover will quickly evaporate, and all the mesh attached to the soleplate will be removed.

In the end, wipe the soleplate with pure water and switch off the steam iron and let it dry.

  1. How to Clean Steam Iron with the Vinegar?

Vinegar is acetic acid, and its acidic properties make it best for cleaning. Distilled water vinegar is best for cleaning. It is used for cleaning clogs of minerals, dust, and even for killing germ. There are many ways of using it. let discuss them one by one

  • Pure Distilled Water Vinegar

We can also use pure vinger that has only distilled water in it for cleaning the soleplate. Damp the towel in the vinegar and rub it on the soleplate. Some stains may remain still, soak the towel in the vinegar, and place it on the soleplate for 10-15 minutes.

Then remove the towel, wipe the steam iron’s sole with the clean cloth, and let it dry. It will give you the best result because of the strong acidic effect of vinegar.

  • Mixing Vinegar with Baking Soda

Mix vinegar and a small amount of baking soda to make a solution, now dip the towel in it, place it on the iron stand and slide the steam iron on it as you are ironing the towel.

 After a few minutes, you will see that the soleplate will start cleaning, and in 15-20 minutes, all types of stain will be removed. This remedy is very effective for cleaning the soleplate.

  • Mixing Vinegar and Salt

For this remedy, mix vinegar with the salt in equal amounts, make a thick solution, and then spread this thick solution on the steam iron’s soleplate and rub it with a towel’s help.

You will see that the stain will start removing and the bump will also start melting down, and iron will start restoring its original form.

  1. With the Help of Toothpaste

This remedy is the easiest one. We all use toothpaste for cleaning teeth, so it is available in every house. You can use every kind of toothpaste for cleaning the soleplate of the steam iron.

Just take a little amount of toothpaste, spread it all over the soleplate, and now gently rub it. It will result in removing all kinds of crashes and stains and give your steam iron a radiant look.

  1. Using Salt

Salt has some cleaning properties, and it has been using for cleaning the teeth and utensils for ages. Sprinkle salt on the soleplate and then switch the iron on and move it on a sheet. It will result in removing all kinds of stains and junks effectively.                              

When the iron becomes stainless, then switch the steam iron off and let it cool down, wipe the salt with water-soaked cloth and let it dry before using it again. No other remedy can beat the results of this remedy.

  1. Using Dry Paper

Dry sheets can be sued for cleaning when the soleplate is not very dirty. It is easy to do. Heat the steam iron but not very much, carefully and gently rub the dry paper on the soleplate.

You will see that dust will start removing, and the burned material that is stick to it will begin to remove.

  1. By Using Detergents

If you don’t want to use any home remedy, buy a detergent from the market, mix it with water, and then damp the cloth in it. Now rub the material on the soleplate until all the stains and dust is removed.

How to Unclog the Steam Holes?

If you want to know how to clean a steam iron, it must be your subject to understand how to unclog the steam holes? The steam iron holes often become clogged with minerals when we don’t use clean water in it. 

This clogging affects the iron’s steaming function because the clogs become the impediments in the way of steam.  A straightforward remedy is given

  • Mix distilled water and vinegar prepare a solution.
  • Pour the solution into the steam unit of the steam iron
  • Switch on the steam iron and let it heat up.
  • Now press the steam burst button and sprinkle the steam out of steam holes.
  • The added solution steam will move out with other inner wastes.
  • Keep doing it until all the solution is steamed out.
  • Switch the steam iron off.
  • Now take a cotton swab and plug those in the steam holes.
  • It will clean the steam holes and unclog them
  • Now let it dry completely before using it.

How to Clean the Inner Side of the Steam Iron?

Cleaning of a steam iron’s inner side is your primary concern if you want to know how to clean a steam iron. And, we cannot see all the steam iron parts, but we can pour solutions in some steam iron parts.

We can get the prepared artificial solution for cleaning the inner parts of the steam iron. You can prepare some solutions in the home also for cleaning the steam iron.

  • Mix the vinegar and water and make a solution.
  • Now pour the solution into the iron steam unit.
  • Heat it to high temperature and now the burst the steam out of it.
  • All the inner dust will move out with steam.
  • Now fill the water in its reservoir and repeat the above process.
  • Remove all the water from the steam iron.
  • Let it dry completely

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How to Clean the Outside of the Steam Iron?

While learning how to clean a steam iron, pay a bit of attention to cleaning the steam iron’s outer part. Because the handle of steam iron often becomes dirty. The dust also makes it look dull. We must keep it neat, clean, and dust-free. One easiest remedy is given below must follow it to clean your iron

  • Take any dishwashing detergent and mix it with water.
  • Now take a wipe and dip the wipe in the solution.
  • After it, rub it gently on the outside of the iron for cleaning t.
  • In the end, swipe a wipe dipped in pure water to clean the detergent’s water.
  • Let it dry 

This remedy will give you instant results, and your iron will start shining in a few minutes. The steam iron will look like you have now bought it.

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How to Clean the Iron Cord of Steam Iron?

The cord of steam irons absorbs too much dust because of its textures and design. It becomes dull. So must clean it also carefully. One simple remedy is given below for cleaning the cord of the steam iron.

If you are learning how to clean a steam iron, then very keenly learn how to clean the cord of a steam iron

  • First of all, take a dry cloth and move it all around the cord to remove the dust.
  • Now mix a mild detergent and water.
  • Dip the wipe in it.
  • Rub the wet wipe on the cord to clean it.
  • Now gently rub the wipe that is damped in pure water to remove the detergent.
  • Let it dry completely before using or storing.


Cleaning of a steam iron is not easy to deal with, as it is an electrical appliance that can be very drastic if not dealt with care. While learning how to clean a steam iron, read all these suggestions and keep them in mind.

  • Gently rub each part of the steam iron for cleaning.
  • Always use damp clothes for cleaning its parts because it is an electrical appliance. Too much water can cause the passage of current through the person cleaning it.
  • Never let the water to remain in it. Always remove the extra water from it after using it because that water can result in the creation of clogs that block the steam.
  • Always dry each part of steam iron before storing it in a drawer or using it.
  • Never forget to read the steam iron box instructions before cleaning it because all companies have different rules and regulations. So must read and follow them. 

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In short words, I have discussed all the easy methods of how to clean a steam iron. We don’t have to buy them. If you want to use prepared cleaners, then you can buy them easily.

Mostly we use vinegar for cleaning the soleplate, inner, and steam holes of the steam iron because it is cheap, readily available, and its acidic effect makes it relatively easy to clean the iron.

Cleaning and drying all the inner parts and steam holes of a steam iron are the most important factors determining the steam iron’s performance. That’s why we have discussed the processes of cleaning the steam holes and inner parts in detail.

However, for removing the material that has been attached to the soleplate, we have disused many methods, including applying vinegar and baking soda that is the most effective one.  

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