How to Iron Polyester Fabric

How to Iron Polyester Fabric – Five Excellent Steps Guide and FAQ’s

If you want to know how to iron polyester fabric, then you are at a suitable place. We will discuss some essential techniques and principles to make your work easy and remarkable.

Indeed, buying new dresses of excellent quality is an unprecedented step in ensuring the durability of your cloth. Moreover, the high-quality item will last for a long time and make your personality a lot.

Undoubtedly, to maintain some of the fabrics like Polyester, we have to face so many problems. Of course, we will make this task significantly more comfortable for you to quickly iron Polyester and see your Polyester dresses more fresh and beautiful. 

Let us dive into here.

Excellent Steps On How To Iron Polyester

Undoubtedly, by following some main precautions, you can iron polyester fabric and dress shirts, jackets, suits, ties, skirts, curtains, flags, or even graduation gowns or wedding dresses.

Without any delay, let us tell you exactly how to deal with these essential items.

Always Use a Pressing Cloth.

To avoid the risk of damaging the polyester dress and fabric while ironing them, you can use any piece of old clothing like a towel and dishcloth. No doubt, it is straightforward to use any amount as a pressing cloth. You will have to place a pressing cloth between the iron and the Polyester you will iron. 

Moreover, you can also use a cool iron on Polyester to press it a little bit before heating the iron. However, if the piece of cloth you will have to iron, never uses the iron directly so that you may save your clothing from burning.

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Set the Irons Temperature to Low

Other than that, if the pressing cloth is not readily available at your home, then always keep the temperature of the iron to a low limit. Undoubtedly, you will iron any kind of polyester dress free of danger by having a low iron temperature.

Best of all, it would help if you always tried to buy the iron having an automatic dial system. Then according to the type of fabric, your iron will indeed stay excellently below 300°F. It is the temperature at which polyester fabric would melt. 

Test the Temperature First

Indeed, the clothes of different types are very precious and valuable at your home. Indeed, you have to spend a lot of money buying various colorful dresses like shirts, jackets and much more. Therefore, before placing the iron on any new fabric, check the temperature of your iron nicely.

To check the heat of your iron, you can use any small piece of old clothing. If the dress is free of damage, you should feel comfortable that your iron is not hot. After checking the temperature of your press, you can start ironing your dress and clothing excellently. 

Wet the Fabric

To wet the fabric before pressing it, you should nicely spray the item with a little water. Furthermore, it is essential to note that your spray of water on the required piece of dress must be regular. Otherwise, you cannot succeed in ironing your cloth effectively. 

In addition to that, you can also take the steam burst that is available from your iron. Indeed, this will be very helpful and useful to pull out the wrinkles quicker at lower heat and temperature. 

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Don’t Leave the Iron in One Spot

What is more information about ironing the cloth? It is a critical point to keep in your mind while pressing any dress. It would be best if you never left or place the iron in one Spot of the dress. In this way, you will succeed in ironing your clothing more beautifully. 

More than that always keeps you busy in moving round the iron on your clothing. Placing or leaving the iron in one place for an extended period can cause Polyester to damage or melt. Consequently, you will have to face much loss of your costly dress. 


Indeed, if you iron your wedding dress or any other kind of clothing, never take a risk. Furthermore, it is beneficial to note before your special event to iron the dress nicely without touching it. 

In addition to that, adjust the stream setting to its maximum rate and use it with a dress or graduation gown without leaving the soleplate having contact with the material. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before ironing polyester fabric, you should make sure the material is slightly wet or pre-moisten it with a spray shower. Secondly, set the temperature of your press or iron to a medium or low level. After doing this work, begin ironing at the top of your piece and then come down the garment. Moreover, you should press tightly on the dress by wetting it if necessary to iron it excellently. 

Firstly, you should set up your ironing board and plug the button in your home press. Secondly, spray all parts of the clothing with normal water so that your shirt can be wet nicely. Thirdly, start ironing your dress from cuffs and sleeves, and then iron the yoke. After that, press the whole area of the rest cloth completely. 

No doubt, we can wash and clean Polyester safely by dry cleaning or using a washing machine.

Before washing the polyester fabric, you should separate the knit garments to stop the snags on them. Best of all, you should use warm water to clean your dress either in the washing machine or by hand. Furthermore, utilize top quality chlorine bleach if it’s necessary.

The Conclusion 

To sum up, we have mentioned handy tips on how to iron polyester fabric. You should always keep these points before ironing your polyester fabrics. Additionally, by keeping these factors in your mind, you will not only succeed in your mission but found long-lasting of your clothing. 

You may contact us through the comments section for further information about ironing the polyester fabrics and other dresses. Thanks!

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