How To Make Ironing Easier? A Comprehensive Guide 2021

Till the last week, ironing seemed a difficult task to me. I don’t know, why? But, I have to press clothes very frequently. This problem has to lead me to search for how to make ironing easier. To my surprise, I had found various tips on making ironing easier and faster.

Yes, it’s possible.

I know, you are equally surprised. As various methods have ironing made easy. All these tips are easy to follow and do not take much time. 


Ironing is no more a difficult task to me, but I enjoy this routine work. So, I decided to share them with you while I was enjoying my evening tea, yesterday. 

Therefore, today I am going to discuss how to make ironing easier and a little faster. I hope you are the next to enjoy this task. 

How To Make Ironing Easier? A comprehensive Guide

After consulting this post, you will be able to press every type of cloth. So, let us discuss the tips on how to make ironing easier.

How To Make Ironing Easier

Iron Damp Clothes

Ironing damp clothes is my favorite tip that is common around the globe. You can moisten the clothes with water and leave for some time. The wrinkles would be softened and make the pressing super easy.

On the other hand, if you need to iron straight after washing, there is a different way. Avoid complete drying in the dryer. Take the clothes out when they are somewhat damp. Now, you can press them with great ease.

A good point,

This step would not only save time but also energy and electricity costs.  

Ensure less load

Your washing habit also matters a lot and makes ironing easy or difficult. When you stuff a number of clothes in the washing machine, the passage of heat gets disturbed during drying. As a result, larger and darker wrinkles appear.

Have you ever thought a small strategy can cure this issue?

Yes, get ready to avoid these horrible wrinkles by introducing a smaller load in your washing machine. This process allows a good amount of heat to pass during drying. As a result, the chances of smooth surface increase.

So, ensure less load and you will just need to refresh your clothes before part or office time.

Hang clothes

The simple habits in life make various tasks too easy. After getting clothes out of the dryer, hang them as quickly as you can. The drying heat makes the clothes a bit warmer. Therefore, the chances of fewer wrinkles get increased when you hang them.


You cannot ignore the role of gravity in disappearing the wrinkles from the clothes. Do you know a large variety of fibers release wrinkles one to all and you have no need to press them afterward?

Some varieties of fibers are a little stubborn. They demand small pressing without any hardworking. In short, hanging plays its role depending on clothing texture.

How to Iron Clothes Correctly

Shake before drying

It is the common practice that people transfer twisted and tangles clothes from washer to dryer. Alternatively, in dual functioning, the drying process starts right after washing.

I think you agree with this fact.

This practice encourages wrinkles over the clothes. Thus, the best strategy is to shake each cloth one by one and then put them in the dryer. On the other hand, if you are using a dual machine, take a break before drying, shake clothes and let it continue.

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Avoid piling 

Some people iron clothes at weekend. As a result, they iron for a whole day until they get frustrated. In our opinion, frustration is not wrong here. The burden of even the simple task is difficult to cope with.


We recommend you avoid piling the clothes up. The less quantity of clothes can be handled easily. But a big pile may push you to suffer a lot.

How to Iron Clothes Easily

Start with easy fibers

Your wardrobe is filled with a diverse variety of cloth textures. These may range from softer to very hard, like silk and jeans.

So, in case your clothes have piled up, don’t worry. Have a deep breath and start with the easiest texture with the least wrinkles. As a result, you would press a large number of shirts within starting half an hour or even less.


It would save you from being tired and no energy would waste at the start. After that, you can go for the harder clothes.

Get wide soleplate

Ironing device comes with multiple sizes. According to its size, the soleplate also varies. We advise you to purchase the iron that offers you an extended soleplate.

You are wondering the reason behind this recommendation.

Actually, the wider sole plate takes less time to press the clothes. A narrow plate cover less area of you clothe in a time. As a result, you need to work for a long.

Wrapping up

 At this time, we have done with the discussion on how to make ironing easier. After completing this post, we have found that ironing is not a difficult task. Plus, other quick tips make ironing easier.

You know,

The population is keen to know how to make ironing shirts easier. We proudly declare that these quick fixes would also make the ironing of shirts easy.

Nothing is easy or difficult. It’s our dealing and management that make any task harder or simpler.

At this point,

We would like to say that you should quickly go for these tricks. Say a warm welcome in your routine and we bet, ironing would not be a problem anymore. These fixes have soothed me a lot and make sure you should be the next to enjoy ironing.

Now, we hope that you have a lot of tricks to deal with this difficult situation. As this topic has all those tips that should be present in it.

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