How to Steam Iron a Dress? Complete Guide 2021

It is impossible to iron clothes that were in congested boxes for a long time because they then get stubborn wrinkles. Do you want to know how to steam iron a dress?

There is a warning for a safe temperature level for saving your clothes, which is an automatic steam irons function. How we steam the clothes using steam iron?

Can we use steam iron as a dry iron? All instructions that a user must know for using steam ironing are mentioned on its box. Whether we should press all types of fabrics while pressing steam irons or not?

How to Press a Dress by Using Steam Iron?

Everyone can press clothes by following simple steps because there is no rocket science in pressing clothes.  Please make yourself aware of the types of fabrics of clothes and their sensitivity level. Try to buy a steam iron of good quality. Follow these steps for steam iron clothes.

Things you Need for Steam Ironing the Clothes

Following are the crucial things for steam ironing

  • Water (try to use distilled water)
  • Steam iron
  • Ironing board

Steps for Steam Ironing the Clothes

  1. Know the type of clothes you want to iron and then read the steam iron box’s instructions.
  2. Set the level of steam to the required temperatures. Some steam irons have automatic adjustment levels.
  3. Mix the water tank of steam water to the marked level. Never fill it more than the marked level because it can cause severe damages.
  4. Take your ironing stand and clean it 
  5. Now switch the iron on and let it on the iron stand for a few minutes because steam iron takes more than two minutes in heating.
  6. Now press the steam shower button. If steam comes, it means that steam iron is hot enough to press the clothes.
  7. Press the steam button and sprinkle steam on it, then keep moving the iron.
  8. It will result in removing all kinds of wrinkles.
  9. If you are ironing the shirt, then, first of all, iron the collar and then iron the cuffs.
  10. Then press the yolk of the shirt and front side that is without a button.
  11. Now iron the backside below the yolk.
  12. In the end, steam irons the front side with the button.
  13. First of all, press the pockets and waist of pants and then press legs from front and backside.
  14. Now these are perfectly ironed
  15. Hang them on the hanger

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There are some tips that you must keep in mind to protect your steam iron for the best performance and best ironing your clothes. Always use distilled water in it because minerals damage the iron. You can quickly get the distilled water from your nearby shops.

Set the temperature level according to the requirements of the clothes. If your dress’s color is dark, then always iron it from the backside. If you are pressing velvet, then never press the iron. Just iron it by a bit of distance.

If the steam iron heating plate may get stained because of accidentally burned clothes, clean it off immediately; otherwise, the stain will become permanent and difficult to remove.

After using the steam iron always pour all the water out of it and let it dry then place it on the table and allow it to cool down. When it cools down, then put it wherever you want.


Always plug-in the switch of the iron with dries hands to avoid a short circuit. Never fill more water in the water tank of the steam iron more than its capacity. Don’t heat it more than a level for specific clothes because it can burn the clothes.

Don’t iron all clothes by pressing them firmly. Don’t overspray the steam and stop ironing when the clothes are just a little damp. Keep the iron out of children’s reach because it is heavy and always protect yourself while pressing clothes. 

Always indirectly iron the plastic laces that can melt due to heat; similarly, never touch the hot iron with a button. They will melt. Please don’t iron the other makeup material of clothes like pearls because they can damage the lower heating plate of iron and draw crashes on them.


The above all discussion’s essence is that it is not difficult to use a steam iron to be easy to use and perfect for removing clothes’ wrinkles. But we must have basic knowledge of using it. We can also use it as dry iron by turning the steam unit off.

Learn the temperature and steam management for better steam iron the clothes and protecting the fabric textures from damaging, burning and for color protection 

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