Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator

Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator – Which is Best?

Both steam iron and steam generators are used for pressing clothes. Do you want to know “steam iron vs steam generator” which one is best? Many factors distinguish them from each other. 

Which iron should you buy if you have to press a lot of clothes daily? Which iron presses dress quickly? If you have a limited budget, then what type of iron is affordable for you? 

Do you want to know which iron is best for you if you wanted to run a laundry for earning? Which performs best and is worth buying?   

Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator

Iron is used for pressing clothes and making them able to wear on occasions and in daily routines. So, for looking decent, your dress must be pressed, so buy the iron that is best for pressing clothes.

Let discuss some characteristics of both steam iron and steam generator and decide which one is best.

Iron Water Capacity

Steam iron has a built-in water tank, while the steam generator has a separate large water tank that can be filled with a large amount of water. So, we don’t have to go to the water, tap again and again. 

On the other hand iron steam, demands to move to the water tap for filling with water. That is tiresome. So, always go for the steam generators if you have to press many clothes.

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Time Efficiency

Time is a precious thing, and everyone wants to save their time for doing other activities in this fast world. So, time generators work faster than steam iron. It can straighten the curls that are even on the lower side and are not directly in contact with the iron.

Heating Time

Steam iron takes just 50-60 seconds in heating, while steam generators take 2-3 minutes in heating. Steam generators take more time because it has a larger water tank and large inner that’s why it takes more time.


If we talk about size, then as we know, the steam generator has a separate water tank. That’s why it takes more space. At the same time, the steam iron has a built-in water tank that occupies less space. 


The steam generators’ water tank is separate that why its weight is less. It is not difficult to hold it and press clothes. On the other hand, the steam iron has a water tank in it, and water has weight, so the combined weight of steam iron and its water tan is more than the steam generator.


If we talk about price, steam generators’ price is almost three times greater than the steam iron. Steam generators’ price is very high, but it is worth buying if you professionally press clothes or have a large family.

But if you are single and live in an apartment, then steam iron is affordable for you.

Iron Performance

It is not easy to declare the performance of one iron better. We can press more clothes quickly with steam generators and clothes of every texture like velvet, cotton.

Although we can’t press more clothes with steam iron because of less water capacity, they produce steam and press highly stubborn wrinkles.

Noise Levels

The steam iron doesn’t make noise. It runs smoothly while the steam generators make noise when it builds steam pressure. Its volume is high enough to disturb the person who is in another room.


The steam iron consists of a heating plate and water tank. The water tank is just above the heating plate. When the waterfalls on the heating plate, it is converted into steam and then press the clothes.

The design of the steam generator consists of a base unit and an iron unit. When we are not using the iron unit, then we can keep the iron unit on the base unit, and the base unit has a water tank. For heating, we keep the heating unit on the system unit.

Which Iron is Best?

It is not possible to declare one iron the best one because each has its specialties and drawbacks. It depends on your personal choice and the volume of dress you have to press.

If you have to press a high volume of clothes, then a steam generator is best for you, although it is heavier and makes more noise. It is easy to carry wherever you want to go by just wrapping the wire around the iron and keep it in a bag.

But if you don’t have to do heavy laundry, then steam iron is best for you because it is cheap, produces less noise, and light in weight. But it is the best option when you don’t have to move your iron anywhere else because it has two units and a large water tank.

Best Steam Iron

The best steam iron is tefal ultra guide anti-calcFV2662 steam iron, and it has longlasting performance, steam, and it consumes 2500W of power and heats up quickly.

Best Steam Generator

The best steam generator is Philips perfect care elite plus GC9682. It can press multilayers of fabrics and all types of materials like silk, cotton. It can produce steam in 2 minutes. And it has a water capacity of 1.8 liters.

Summarizing The Comparision of Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator:

In short, the “steam iron vs steam generator” both are of high quality and perform their job perfectly. Steam iron produces steam with pressure and straightens the wrinkles.

But the price of steam generators is very high it is not affordable for every person so if you are single and don’t have to press heavy clothes then go for a steam generator.

The steam generator has more water capacity, about more than 1.5 liters that is much greater than a steam iron’s water capacity. It saves our time and energy that may we waste no refilling the steam iron again and again.

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